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Our Greatest Investment - Our People

New Zealand’s wine industry makes a significant contribution to the economy both financially ($1.5 billion) and in terms of employment, supporting over 16,500 full time jobs*. The success of New Zealand’s wine industry depends strongly on the commitment and passion of the employees behind it, through each step of the growing, production and sales and distribution chain.

Industry employers are in turn responsible for ensuring that their businesses have a positive impact on employees and their local communities: financially, socially and ecologically. Wine businesses are encouraged to expand their support by educating employees to think and behave more sustainably, to help reduce wastage and costs, and increase efficiency and good environmental outcomes. Ensuring employees have the knowledge and skills to undertake their role successfully supports the company to achieve its sustainability and financial goals.

Underpinning the commitment the wine industry makes to support its people is New Zealand’s robust legal framework. It covers employment relations, labor management, health and safety, and immigration. All New Zealand companies are required to comply with the legislation, and it’s constructively enforced.

Beyond these legal requirements is the sector’s eagerness to expand the boundaries of sustainable thinking and behavior. Education and training go further than is required by law, becoming part of company policies and practices. Many employers encourage team members to devise and develop new sustainability initiatives.  These efforts contribute towards reducing costs and wastage, and increase efficiency and positive environmental outcomes.

It’s increasingly common to see vineyards and wineries working with neighbors, local government and community groups on collaborative sustainable activities, and engaging staff in these efforts.

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