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Transparency is Vital to Ensure International Traceability

Sustainability extends far beyond the vineyard and winery for businesses involved in wine production.


Sustainability is critical to the longevity and legacy of New Zealand’s wine industry. Practices enable our wine producers to maintain balance in their growing environment, add value to local communities, and make substantial cost savings long-term.

The entire supply chain is factored into a wine company’s sustainability equation, from sourcing raw materials through to in-market communications, packaging through to transport and logistics, and everything else in between. At each point transparency is vital to ensure international traceability needs can be satisfied.

Many vineyard and winery practices, such as labor relations, environmental legislation, animal welfare, and food safety are governed by legislated programs. Additional practices regulated by local councils and New Zealand Winegrowers. Meeting these various regulations is a base level requirement for all New Zealand wine producers.

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